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  Jonathan Golder a0ac0a95b1 Merge branch 'release-0.2' 10 months ago
  Jonathan Golder ed7e1acabc Prepare release v0.2 10 months ago
  Jonathan Golder 122cda6935 Merge branch 'i#5-python-dist-package' into develop 10 months ago
  Jonathan Golder 1bfc57c0ae Add a MANIFEST.in 10 months ago
  Jonathan Golder a9d7834c15 Add a setup.cfg file 10 months ago
  Jonathan Golder 57a06a4b07 Rename license file 10 months ago
  Jonathan Golder 2686eca57d Add setup.py 10 months ago
  Jonathan Golder fa4719d949 dist: Move modules to jogobot subdir 10 months ago
  Jonathan Golder 13934346b8 Merge branch 'release-0.1' back into develop 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder d69d873624 Merge branch 'release-0.1' 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder 05803cff53 Prepare release version 0.1 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder 9131235b7b Add a README.md file 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder fdb1cded22 Update file headers and add licence text 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 49ada2993e Merge branch 'fs#84-standardized-bot-wrapper' into test-v1 3 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 28d03f35b8 Add standardized Bot start API from red-Bot 3 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 2173f2984f Merge branch 'fs58-pywikibot-logging-changed' into test-v1 3 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 5ecfb2a37b Catch import Error due to change in pywikibot 3 years ago
  Jonathan Golder fbe9799df7 Merge branch 'jogobot-config' into test-v1 3 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 7212b8eee4 Re-Structure config module 3 years ago
  Jonathan Golder dac01a224b Parse config entrys with ast.literal_eval to get python datatypes (like Tuples, Lists ...) 3 years ago
  Jonathan Golder b0c844b2de Use config in jogobot.py 3 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 027d7d1543 Use configparser to read configuration 3 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 0daf72b625 Update year in (c)-Notice to 2016 3 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 7c9225660e Merge branch 'StatusAPI' 3 years ago
  Jonathan Golder b79cf48a22 Insert a StatusAPI and a wrapper function to detect if Bot or Parts are disabled 3 years ago
  Jonathan Golder fe7eca1b8d Merge branch 'output_wrapper' 3 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 800cc46574 Move sendmail function out of class since it doesn't need any data from it an it was a static method anyway 3 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 3721683a28 Since we like to have timestamps in Output for logging, we replace 3 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 885c5d3223 Add a wrapper function for pywikibot output functions to add a timestamp to each message 3 years ago
  Jonathan Golder f606a83424 Add .gitignore 3 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 0d38bbbfff Add staticmethod for sending mails via MTA on Toollabs 3 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 52e0a16498 A few first bricks 3 years ago