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  Jonathan Golder d37f4dbbd1 Merge branch 'release-0.2' 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder 76a174144a Prepare release v0.2 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder 3da9e2cb1d Add .gitignore file for python 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder d130761401 Merge branch 'i#1-update-gnuplot-scripts' into develop 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder 6572a89085 descpage: Implement inserting helptext in code 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder ecb6bb8607 Call DescPageBot in EuroExchangeBot 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder 11bfe90e3b descpage: Implement gnuplot script update 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder dd76936ee0 descpage: Prepare gnuplot script for wiki 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder af55fde4db descpage: implement loading gnuplot script 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder 5b06d2229e descpage: Implement loading, parsing and updating 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder 0878d53a55 Move configration to separate class/file 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder 7c15e18071 Merge branch 'release-0.1.1' back into develop 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder f235d2d0a6 Merge branch 'release-0.1.1' 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder e49cf9aa50 Prepare bugfix release 0.1.1 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder 00d31dda47 FIX: enable update period check 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder 6af5ed5d06 Merge branch 'i#2-check-gnuplot-exit' into develop 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder 3a9268086b Check returncode of gnuplot to detect errors 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder efe6943659 Merge branch 'release-0.1' back into develop 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder 34c0835d22 Merge branch 'release-0.1' 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder 4395cb42eb Prepare stable release v0.1 1 year ago
  Jonathan Golder 3cd639eef9 Move configuration vars to jogobot config 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder c35c296e92 Do not track gnuplotscripts in this repo 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder b3a0857ddd Fix typo in Euroexchange 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 0477940fdf Define requirements 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder f9a39a6f49 Make it possible to run Bot with -always 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 638d2b6a3d Do not raise Exception when image not exists 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 1d41e206c0 Fix deprecated calls to UploadRobot 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder a0377e1f80 Fix typo in upload comment 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder f4296d8410 Set upload warnings which can be ignored 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder f28fad2edb Fix old var name 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 5cf5c5a597 fix Pywikibot does not import specialbots by default 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 6c5eff65fb For testing on betawiki, prepend prefix to filename 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 46447d6f32 Load jobs from json file 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 6358a3db9b Check if file was changed before upload 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 3a46ea8ddc Add update frequenzy in days to job 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder e874804591 Store current job in bot object 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 776950d990 Use UploadRobot directly from pywikibot.specialbots 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 93827e9f3b Log if new input file is downloaded 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 206917ed6d Implement file upload 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder b14c0fa3a7 Set correct mtime of zip file 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 111fc38881 Filenames for gnuplot via env-vars 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 5e7f718b45 gnuplot_scripts: Remove download of data 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 05b6a78bc0 gnuplot_scripts: Basic version obtained from wiki 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder ad325a0afe Implement basic gnuplot call 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder d2aa47899a First steps of job handling 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 5dd52e3ac5 Implement download, extracting and update of data 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 29c5d725f1 Add initialisation of working dir 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 506400a528 Basic structure for jogobot bot 2 years ago
  Jonathan Golder e2f57dc670 Basic structure, init repo 2 years ago