Used to correct errors in usage of [Template Team-Station](
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# wiki-jogobot-teamstation
This is a [Pywikibot]( based [Wikipedia Bot](
of [User:JogoBot]( on the
[German Wikipedia](
It is used to correct errors in usage of [Template Team-Station](
## Requirements
* Python 3.4+ (at least it is only tested with those)
* pywikibot-core 2.0
* mwparserfromhell 0.5.1
* [jogobot-core module]( used as submodule
## Usage
python -family:wikipedia
_Important_: Do not use `-always` since there are many special cases which are not detected. Always check diff!
## Versions
* v0.1 Semi-automatical correction of wrong dash symbols in time spans
## Bugs
[jogobot-teamstation Issues](
## License
## Author Information
Copyright 2018 Jonathan Golder <>