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* pywikibot-core
* mwparserfromhell
The libraries above need to be installed and configured manualy considering [documentation of pywikibot-core](
* SQLAlchemy
* [jogobot-core module](
Those can be installed using pip and the _requirements.txt_ file provided with this packet
pip install -r requirements.txt
* v1.2.3
- Fix errors resulting from pywikibot.exception.NoMoveTarget renamed to NoMoveTargetError
* v1.2.2
- Fix removed pywikibot config property db_hostname
* v1.2.1
- Fix [#72](
* v1.2
- Create a list of redfams/articles missing reddisc notice
python -task:missingnotice -family:wikipedia
- jogobot module not longer included
* v1.1.1
- Check if moved page exists
* v1.1
- Improved page filter
* v1.0
- first stable release
- less debug output
- fixed problems with article title
* test-v7
- Fixed problem with url encoded chars in article title
* test-v6
- jogobot status API enabled (Bot can be disabled onwiki)
- Fixed problem with space between article title and anchor
* test-v5
- Feature _markpages_ working in full-automatic mode with _always_-flag
python -task:markpages -family:wikipedia -always
* test-v4
- Feature _markpages_ working in semi-automatic mode using command
python -task:markpages -family:wikipedia
- Work on specific redfam using param
- Use _PyMySQL_ instead of _OurSQL_
- Correctly parse redfams with articles with leading small character or spaces in wikilink
* test-v3
* test-v2
* test-v1
[jogobot-red Issues](
Author Information
Copyright 2018 Jonathan Golder
alias _Jogo.obb_ (