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  Jonathan Golder 5267966fa8 Update version info and copyright notices 4 years ago
  Jonathan Golder af44323930 Cut Titel and Interpret on first linebreak 5 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 31d06224b0 Update file headers 5 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 8948fcc78d Output log each parsed page and revision 5 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 9d471bee20 Bug in function to detect the year from Pagetitle, returning whole title 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 038dd6e36a SortKeyName should be used for Interpret not for Title 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder b96c5d4a33 Handle SortKeyName and SortKey Template in Title 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 9a24a988f4 Remove possible ref-tags from raw param values in CountryListEntrys 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 297adc62ec Raise CountryListError if Page exists but no valid Single-Section exists 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder b6c7a74519 Raise Exception instead of returning False in CountryList.__init__() 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder e409c7a02b CountryList-module: Also search for Links in Titel 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 9d9207c175 CountryList-module: Put linksearching algorithm in separate function for simple reuse for Titel value 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 4de2116717 Add possibility to manually check against any page in dewiki 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 3349c9f3d3 Add __str__-method to CountryList-class 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder a250074caa CountryList-module: Search current year via regex to also make parsing older lists possible 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 581e043255 Add unitest to CountryList-Modul 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 5b084f6fde Fix Bug: Writing is requested even when only rev_ids have changed 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder f819193790 pep8-compat: clean up CountryList-Modul 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 4a856b1dae pep8-compat: Replace undefined Error by Message in CountryList-Module 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder f1e0157643 CountryList-Module: Rename method parsing_needed to is_parsing_needed to make boolean character more clear 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 3864c9013c CountryList-Module: Since we have multiple categories in some countrys we need to select the first wrapping template 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder eca0142f71 CountryList-Module: Add Exception-Handling classes 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 2e8b4273e7 CountryList-Module: Implement parse-method which handles the parsing sequence 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 41d3ca95ef CountryList-Module: Implement methods for handling Interpret-Parameter 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 87aee8c42a CountryList-Module: Implment methods for handling Titel-Parameter 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder d4ea57dae8 CountryList-Module: Implement methods for handling Chartein-Date 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 8858e81ee6 CountryList-Module: Implement methods to get the latest entry of list 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 4a790912fc CountryList-Module: Implement method for detecting year related to list 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder abc30707b5 CountryList-Module: Implement method for checking if parsing is needed 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 6ae8f4c6ad CountryList-Module: Implement basic init method 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 11bfb6807c CountryList-Module: Create new class CountryList to move code for handling country list in separate class 6 years ago
  Jonathan Golder 345bbe44e3 Setup repo for charts-bot 6 years ago